Hi! Is it able to use that Logitech headphone and control with other pda?


Yes, If you get the version with the next and previous track buttons from logitech, it will work, if the AVRCP profile is loaded on the pocket PC.


Great idea with the bluetooth headphones! I built a similar bluetooth receiver from a pair of HP headphones (rebranded logitech) to use it in my car together with my iPAQ. Works great!
Have a look at my article here



Hi Chris

Actually I had seen your article a while back, and its a natural! I was planning on referring your piece in my next project which is almost finished, I am rebuilding an entire new set of speakers with new box, and controls built in and your article has great tips and inspiration!

All the best


tony tromp

Excellent mod... I am already planning to get some gear this weekend.. BTW: Compared to full blowen bluetooth audio-headphones, bluetooth car-headsets are much cheaper a much cheaper option ($15-$45).. I've seen some apps which also let you stream Music to the headset profile (Windows Mobile).

tony tromp

I just build an Bluetooth audio interface using just a lowbudget handsfree headset, and I must say it works nicely. Instead of a fixed mounting, I used a mini-jack, so I can hook it into any stereo or car-stereo and remove it afterwards... This week I will add an input-jack, so I can add a small microphone so I can use it as a carkit too.


I found realy nice what you have done! I have a I-mate Jam that I'm tring to make work with my bluetooth Headphone, but as you know the Pocket Pc from I-mate doesn't come with A2DP Profile and you said that you have change your registry on you pocket Pc and got it to work. Could help me out here?

Robert Webbe

I test A2DP products for my work. I have an up-to-date list of all phones on my website:

Jerry Crockford


I listen to a lot of MONO podcasts from Australia's Radio National (Similar to America's NPR).

I would LOVE to find a BT mono earpiece, (as opposed to a great big lunky pair of headphones) that supports A2DP. That way, I could use Softick's Audio Gateway programme in my Treo 650.


Having searched high and low, I haven't found any such earpiece.

Do you happen to know of an A2DP earpiece on the market?




Hey that's awesome! I wish I had the skills to do that... I want a pair of wireless earbud headphones for my iPod but Apple doesn't seem to want to make them... it doesn't seem like it'd be that hard if you knew anything about that stuff but I definitly don't! If anybody thought they could do it and either write REALLY simple directions on how to do it or even make them for me I would be eternally grateful (and pay you :) ).



Why isn't there a bluetooth stereo adaptor for PC's? Right now, I'm using a stereo system as my PC speakers, but I want to use them wirelessly. Does anyone know how make this Bluetooth adaptor: Stereo->RCA Output->3.5mm phone jack->SOME BLUETOOTH ADAPTOR WE NEED TO MAKE->PC Bluetooth dongle


Why isn't there a bluetooth stereo adaptor for PC's? Right now, I'm using a stereo system as my PC speakers, but I want to use them wirelessly. Does anyone know how make this Bluetooth adaptor: Stereo->RCA Output->3.5mm phone jack->SOME BLUETOOTH ADAPTOR WE NEED TO MAKE->PC Bluetooth dongle


I love this idea can't wait till i get some bits and peices together


Hi, would this work with a Sony Ericsson HBM-30?

please email me back


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Hi! Is it difficult to modify registries to work-with/allow the A2DP profile?

I use a 17" Powerbook, and I have not been able to use the A2DP with my Sony headphones -- they work really well on my Dash, but on the Mac all I get is the low-quality audio.

Any advice? I know it is possible to buy a transmitter to plug into the headphone jack -- but what a waste!


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Good on you for making something work - a few of us were wondering why bluetooth speakers aren't out there just the other day. I am a loudspeaker designer and quite fancy the challenge of making some battery powered LS go very loud indeed... thanks



This is a beautiful site. I`ll send the link to my friends.



Hello your projects with BT seem great, it is truly an underexplored tech. I have a question for you if you think you can find the time to answer me.
I have these Nokia BH-501 headset, it works great with my Nokia 5700 cell phone, but i wanted to use them with my PC at home. Do I need only a USB bluetooth adapter with the A2DP profile or do I need anything else? Do you recommend any adapter? Will I be able to use the mic on the headset, recognized as a mic by my PC?


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Just found one nice product that you were talking about!

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